Look, I get it, there are a LOT of photographers out there! So I'll start off by saying, I may not be the visual story teller for you, and that's okay. Need help finding someone who might be more your style? Let me know! I know loads of amazing photographers and would love to get you connected. 

​I've been in the wedding industry for nearly 6 years and in that time, I've realized something very important. I've shot weddings and I've shot celebrations of marriage. Catch the difference? I've shot huge budget, all the party favors and photo booths and themed out reception venues and I've shot breakfast together the morning of their wedding, special blessings prayed over, priceless heirlooms passed along, tearful dances with loved ones, and real life, messy, beautiful, love. 

​I believe a wedding can have fun details, a packed out dance floor, and custom cocktails and still be a celebration of the start of a life changing adventure. I want couples that are looking to have their wedding day captured in it's entirety. Not just the dress and your bridal party (I promise, those are important!) but the way your wedding day made you feel. I want to capture the twinkle in his dad's eye as he fastened his son's bowtie, the tears that run down your maid of honor's face as she toasts you and your new life, and the way the sun warms your face as you commit to forever during your ceremony. 

​So, I won't have a whole family session for your guests during your reception, or tolerate a nosy guest with their phone in the aisle before you walk down. Why? Because I am there for you and your wedding experience. The preservation and story telling of your wedding day means the absolute most to me. You are my priority. 

​I am looking for couples who are genuinely themselves and their wedding day is a reflection of all their personalities, oddities, favorites, and hopefully includes a dog or two (no, really). I like having a relationship with my couples because if I know you, I can photograph your special day in a way that reflects exactly who you both are, individually and together. 

Think we'd be a good fit? 

Let's do this. Xx